About Koda


Koda is a group consisting of seasoned musicians dedicated to writing and performing original Rock Music.  The various musical influences that each member brings to the table, makes for unique and well thought out and in many cases high energy compositions . Koda prides itself on its professionalism and can be seen performing an eclectic mix of originals and their favorite covers throughout San Diego and beyond. Come out to a Koda show. You won’t be disappointed.

Renee Casanova - Vocals

Koda's dynamic and multi-talented singer was a fixture on the LA Music Scene prior to moving to San Diego County. Fronting various bands and projects throughout the years Renee has come to master various genres of music from 70’s soul, 80’s pop, and now with Koda Classic and Alternative Rock as well. 

Her ear for melody and keen sense of lyric creation also make her a fantastic songwriter as well. When not fronting Koda, Renee is very much involved with her own business in the health, wellness and fitness arena.

Paul Baron - Guitar

A military brat from all over the U.S., Paul fell in love with early 70's music and could be found many nights, as a child,  entertaining his family by lip syncing to the then many rock artists of the era.

Appreciating many musical styles, Paul is most influenced by the masters of Blues Rock and started or joined many metal cover bands in his teens in Orange County, where his family eventually landed in the 80's.

Originally from the San Diego Band Gin Piston, whose debut CD was nominated for a San Diego Music award in 2007, Paul Co-founded Koda with Renee And Lawrence after growing tired of the local cover band music scene and with the idea of getting  their own unique blend of original music out there.

Ron Machado - Bass

Ron has always had a fascination with music and the bass.  Starting from elementary school where he wanted to play upright bass in the school band.  Unfortunately the music instructor thought he was too small to hold that instrument and handed him a violin.  From that moment on, he strived to get his hands on a bass.  Several years later after switching from violin to guitar he saved enough money to buy a pawn shop bass in Reno NV. 

Influenced by many musical genres by either being subjected to the Bakersfield sound while traveling the country with his parents or to the rock, pop, funk, disco, jazz, punk and anything else he could get his hands on.  Ron found great bass lines can be found in many styles and songs.   Koda's music is as diverse as the early inspirations were and continue to be.  

Lawrence Hartman - Drums

Born and raised in Oceanside, Ca, Lawrence is the youngest member of the group but don’t let that fool you. His versatility is well beyond his years. With influences ranging from the unique time signatures of Progressive Rock all the way to Led Zeppelin and beyond, Lawrence brings a dynamic and original feel to the rhythm section of Koda.  His youthful vision, combined with his percussive talent round out the band in ways beyond  their expectations.